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Our Projects

The Noowuh Knowledge Center's vision is to provide a central gathering place that will lay the foundation to preserve and strengthen cultural identity. The following are projects and activities NKC focuses on:
  • Oral histories and tradition
  • Language preservation
  • Digital Library
  • Native collections and resource services
  • Cultural events and activities
  • Education and outreach

Cultural events

  • Annual Treaty of Ruby Valley Conference
  • Monthly Native Community Reads Book Club
  • Gathering & Use of Traditional Plants, 2021
  • World Water Day, 2021
  • Gathering of People, 2020

Native community reads

2024 Native Community Reads.jpg
The Noowuh Knowledge Center has organized a book discussion group with much success!

Native Community Reads focuses on books written by Native American authors. If you are interested in joining our book discussions, please contact M.Gibson.
(207) 504 -6765


Oral Traditions

Elders are living libraries of our community. They hold knowledge of tradition: our oral histories, songs, dances, tribal and family histories, medicinal plant knowledge and so much more.
The elders, our wisdom keepers, are key to the continuity of our cultural knowledge and practicies. Presently, two elders have provided some winter-time stories which we have been documented and accessible sometime in the future. 
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