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Education Research

and Outreach

Cultural related classes and demonstrations will be conducted to learn songs, dances, basket weaving, cradle board construction, food and medicinal plant identification and harvesting, beading, tanning animal hides, trapping and hunting, organizing cultural learning camps, such as pine nut camps.

The Noowuh Knowledge Center would like to conduct and/or provide research opportunities to address issues within the Native community, from Shoshone history and culture to the social, political, environmental and economic injustices that affect the day-to-day lives and health of people in the Native American community to creating and publishing Noowuh language and historical materials. Research projects will be the foundation for building and developing educational materials, publications and literary collections.

​Noowuh Knowledge Center will sponsor Native American author readings and book events in addition to educational and public forums on various historical and contemporary issues in order to increase understanding and knowledge about social, political, economic and environmental injustices affecting Shoshone and Native America in general, to bring awareness, find solutions and implement changes aimed toward appreciating, acknowledging and recognizing the unique and beautiful cultures of the Indigenous.
In addition to education and research, the Noowuh Knowledge Center's future plan is to serve as the nucleus for developing and providing the Native American community and the general public with culturally relevant library services, collections and programs accessible in print, electronic and digital mediums optimal to preserving the knowledge, language, memory and cultural lifeways. Essentially, the Noowuh Knowledge Center will be a gathering place to teach, learn, share, transfer and continue the ancient and Indigenous knowledge of the Shoshone and other Native American tribes.
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