Euh hagane (how are you?)


The Noowuh (Shoshone) Knowledge Center is a new and developing cultural and educational nonprofit organized to preserve Shoshone cultural heritage.

We are excited to introduce the Noowuh (Shoshone) Knowledge Center through this Website.

Presently, NKC does not have a physical or digital place or space yet. However, you can follow our developing progress by checking here.

Aisen Tsan.


The Noowuh Knowledge Center was founded in October 2019, by a group of community and spiritual leaders, elders, cultural holders and educators who share a common vision to establish an educational and cultural organization to fulfill a need for cultural preservation and information and resources for the Native community.


See what the future projects are that will be beneficial to preserving our language, memory, and cultural life way.


To expand our understanding and knowledge about Newe cultural heritage, cultural classes, demonstrations, and various presentations will be offered.


Stay informed about on-going or future community events  and activities.

​New selection for Native Community Reads! This month's book is Girl Gone Missing: A Cash Blackbear Mystery by

Marcie R. Rendon. ​See events page for more information.


Grassroots organizing began in February 2019. Presently, NKC Board of Directors meet the 1st Monday of each month. FMI, contact Mary Gibson at 207-504-6765.


NKC attained state nonprofit incorporation status on January 13, 2020 and has successfully attained federal tax exemption status on May 21, 2020!

What's next?

Planning, planning, planning. We want community input to plan our future. Stay tuned and connected.

What's in a Name, Newe or Noowuh?

Noowuh is the simple spelling of the Shoshone word - "Western Shoshone" using a phonics that students learned in elementary school. Not everyone knows other spellings that have been used unless they have been taught an academic linguistic level of phonetics. Using simple spelling, people will pronounce the Shoshone word correctly.

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Noowuh Knowledge Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

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