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Captain Buck T-Shirt

Captain Buck T-Shirt

SKU: 364215376135191

A 100% Cotton T-Shirt of "Captain Buck and his Shoshones." Front Text: "Captain Buck 1868" and "Real Homeland Security." Back Text: "160 th Anniversary of the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley Still We Rise, Lifted by the Spirit of Our Ancestors"


Dr. Steven Crum describes Captain Buck as a Western Shoshone warrior and young subcheif who left Ruby Valley to join the Dosa Wihi (White Knife) Band of Shoshones north of the Humboldt River due to his opposition and stance on settler oppression of Newe peoples. 


Crum, S. (1994). Chapter 2 Warfare and adjustment the Western Shoshone and the Americans 1848-1880. In Po’i Pentun Tammen Kimmappeh The Road On Which We Came (pp. 22–23). essay, University of Utah Press.


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